Feature Friday: Udunma Nnenna Ikoro

Feature Friday: Udunma Nnenna Ikoro

It’s yet another Feature Friday and our entrepreneur for the day is Udunma Nnenna Ikoro, Director of Communiqué Resource Hub; a communication, educational and media firm. She is a Three-Time Amazon bestselling author. An editor, content creator, publisher and English tutor, hence a communication and educational consultant. She helps people find their voice, build confidence to share their core message and accurately convey it to their audience for visibility, credibility and profits. Udunma also helps writers, entrepreneurs and aspiring authors to find book ideas, write, publish and earn from their books. She guides writers and aspiring authors to learn to hone their crafts and writing skills to masterpiece and enjoy a fulfilling life as an influencer. She is the founder of Masterpiece Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy  where you will learn, get groomed and network with other experts in becoming a better version of yourself.

Advice to entrepreneurs: Money is not capital rather a validated business idea with determination to work it out intentionally is the capital in business. No one owes you anything because you owe yourself your greatness. Invest so much value in yourself and never stop learning for the more valuable you become, much more you give and earn in business. Get trained and follow who knows the road. Finally, strive to be excellent, uphold integrity and think continuity.

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