Inspire Monday: Nkiru Emodi, the Creative Lady Cobbler.

Inspire Monday: Nkiru Emodi, the Creative Lady Cobbler.

Nkiru Iyabo Emodi, a graduate of accountant from the University of Benin turned entrepreneur, makes bespoke shoes right here in Lagos.

Being unemployed after graduating and the desire to keep busy led her to learning how to make shoes. She is such a talented cobbler who pays attention to the small details. Today she is proud to be an ambitious lady cobbler. Her dreams are quite big, her tagline reads, ‘shoes for all nations’. She believes in being a three dimensional woman – an outstanding woman of many titles; an outstanding inspiring woman; and an independent woman.


It is important that we understand that everything is possible. Our potentials are limitless, we only need to let the creativity in us soar. Once you start, you can only get better. Just start. We need more of the dreamers who will do. Well lovelies, anyone can cook… but only the fearless can be great.


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