Mastering the Business of your Talent

Mastering the Business of your Talent

In life, your assignment will change

I started 2016 with great energy. I had to ‘blow’. My situation just had to change and I was determined to make it happen. So there I was running, faster than my mind, body and soul wanted to move. “Slow down,” quite a number of people urged. “For what?” I would respond with a look of disdain. “These people don’t want me to be great in life.”

Things were going okay until it all came crashing down in September. I broke down. Completely. Well maybe that’s bit of an exaggeration but I had to be placed on bed rest for two weeks. No work. No money coming in. I was miserable. When I stared at the bills at the end of the month, my heart sunk. I needed a new strategy. I needed to do things differently to bring in more income.

From the second week in September, I began to pray for revelation. God needed to show me the way out. I knew there was more. I knew it was possible to get clients who will pay six figures despite the recession. There had to be a way to connect with them.

It was at this point that I saw the promo for the Master Your Business Masterclass by Steve Harris. Immediately I saw that Fela Durotoye was a guest speaker, I knew I just had to be there. I have listened to several of his messages and there’s just something about his words and delivery.

Even though it was quite a stretch for me to pay the fee for the course, I took it that I was sowing a seed and I waited expectantly for Saturday 15th October to arrive. My expectations were high and I was ready for a shift.

I was not disappointed.

Fela addressed quite a lot of things I had been battling with. He started by telling us that if we fail to master the business of our talent, it means we have failed in our life’s purpose. Your purpose is important to God.

Every gift that you have, your unique traits and personality were all given to you by God so that you can fulfill your purpose. When you fail to master the business of your talent, you have essentially failed the exam of life.

Those were heavy words and I chewed on them thoughtfully.

Fela also told us how to ensure that we master the business of our talent. It starts first by being able to hear from God. Sounds so simple right? It is but this is something that a lot of people struggle with. God is always speaking but most times, we are too busy to listen to what He is saying.

While His purpose for your life never changes, your assignment changes per time and season in accordance with God’s plan. Being able to hear His instruction is therefore very crucial. Do you know what God wants you to do in this season or you are still running with the last instruction He gave to you, if at all you received any instruction from Him?

Are you aware that God is rooting for your success?

He does not want you to fail but He will never impose His will on you.

Take time out and be still in His presence. Find out exactly what He wants you to do with the talent He has given to you. Fela suggested that we should wake up by 3 am to pray and have quiet time. He said, “Try it in one week; you will notice a difference.” I’ve tried it for two days now and I have already noticed a difference.

Let God be at the centre of your success. Don’t rely on your ability or any other man. Don’t chase after money or fame. Place your focus on God. He will show you what you need to do to excel in the area of your calling.

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