5 Easy Ways To Kickstart Your FitFam Goals

5 Easy Ways To Kickstart Your FitFam Goals

The new year is all about making resolutions and setting goals. But sometimes sticking with those goals isn’t always easy. How many times have you told yourself you would exercise more in the new year? How consistently have you actually worked on getting those abs of your dreams?

You shouldn’t start working on getting that summer body ready a few months or weeks to the start of Summer. If you want your summer body ready and loaded by the middle of the year, you should get a move on right from today.

Here are five easy things you probably haven’t thought about doing to kickstart your fitfam goals and realise your #FitBody dreams.

  1. Have a partner: Life is always easier in twos. You’re always going to need a wingman. Whether you’re a guy in the club trying to get a girl to give you her number, or a girl in the club trying not to get harassed by a guy who would do anything to get your number, your wingman will make all the difference in determining just how successful you will be in your endeavors. So if you want to achieve all your #FitFam goals, having a partner or two to make you more accountable to your exercise routine and your diet is a big step towards it.

    Work out with a partner or more to keep yourself accountable to your goals.

  2. Set small, achievable goals: You might be tempted to go all out and reach for the moon with your #FitFam goals, but the key is to not take on too much at once in order not to end up overwhelmed. Set small, achievable goals for yourself and focus only on them for the duration you want to work on it.

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  3. Celebrate your successes: Lost 1kg today? Good job! Kept to your diet all week with no slip ups? Bravo! Don’t hesitate to give yourself a pat on the back when you meet any one of your goals, no matter how little it may be or seem. Celebrate your successes, you’ve worked hard for them and deserve to be proud about them.

    Cheers, you deserve it

  4. Record your progress: Make sure to take count of your little victories. Whether it is the number of steps taken every day or the number of exercise routines you have completed. An app will help you keep track, but you can also make notes in a diary or journal. Make note of your weight when you began, write your target weight down, and make note of the gradual progression as the time goes by.

    Have the vision and write it down!

  5. Suit up!: If you want to get into your #FitFam goals this year you’ve got to look the part. You can’t jog in jeans, or run with a lace brassiere with underwire. If you’re ready to take your fitness ambitions to the next level, you should invest in sports wear and gear that’ll help you make the most out of your workout routine.

    You can shop the full sports/exercise wear range at http://briefessentials.com/active Stay active, BE Active!

So there you have it. Five easy ways for you to kickstart your fitfam goals this year. Any other that we’ve missed? Please leave a comment below, and share with your friends or group of friends.

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