Top 3 Upcoming Nigerian Actresses

Top 3 Upcoming Nigerian Actresses

The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, is an evolving industry every year there are new set of actors and actresses appearing in most of the movies.
Today we’re going to point out 3 top upcoming actresses to look out for this year.


Bisola Aiyeola: The ex big brother Nigeria 2017 housemate who from the house, we could tell she was a bundle of talent. From singing to dancing and then an amazing actress. There was no doubt that when she leaves the house, she would be a successful actress. Ever since last year, she has released music videos and though she acted before going into the house but now she has gained more exposure in addition to been featured even more in new Nollywood movies. She even got to host the BBNaija 2018 Lagos viewing. Indeed a success story.


Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama: From her feature in the Virgin Nigeria commercial many years ago to now, she has made a very huge progress. She was seen as extras in movies or featured in movies that were not very big, but from 2016 to now, she has been appearing in award-winning movies and is the beautiful Lady you see on TV in the DSTV commercial. Somkele is also a model by profession. She really has evolved especially last year to this year.


Zainab Balogun: Zainab has featured in many movies including international ones but made her big breakout in the Blockbuster Wedding Party 1. She displayed great talent in the movie, not only that, she was a lead actress in the Romantic movie “Royal Hibiscus Hotel”. She has indeed made her big break in Nollywood.

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