Meet Nigeria’s Silas Adekunle: The World’s Highest Paid Robotics Engineer

Meet Nigeria’s Silas Adekunle: The World’s Highest Paid Robotics Engineer

Silas Adekunle is a name that resonates with excellence in Robotics. He has achieved so much in his career as a Robotics Engineer and has become a global sensation. Born in Nigeria, he moved to the UK at about 11 years old, where he spent most of his childhood and teenage years obsessed with science and technology.

Silas Adekunle’s love for robotics began with playing with Lego robot kits and watching YouTube videos to get ideas for simple robots he could build at home. This passion has since grown into a successful career as he built the world’s first intelligent gaming robot, Mekamon, at the young age of 24 in 2016. The robot sold 500 units that same year, proving to be an immediate success.

Silas Adekunle’s success didn’t end there. In 2017, he signed an exclusive deal with Apple, and the tech giant now sells the robots at $300 a pop. He was named on the 2018 Forbes Europe 30 Under 30: Technology list, and he holds a First Class Honours degree in Robotics. He also has an honorary degree from the University of the West of England.

Silas Adekunle’s success is not limited to his career as a Robotics Engineer; he has also been recognized as a leader in the technology industry. He was named on the Financial Times’ Top 100 Minority Ethnic Leaders in Technology list, proving that he is not only a trailblazer in his field but also a leader and role model for others in the industry.

Silas Adekunle is giving back to Nigerian society through his Nigerian-based startup, “Àwárí,” which targets kids and teenagers by exposing them annually during summer breaks to Robotics. The startup is named after the Yoruba word, which means seek and find. By exposing young people to robotics and technology, Silas Adekunle is inspiring the next generation of Robotics Engineers in Nigeria and beyond.

In conclusion, Silas Adekunle is a remarkable individual who has achieved incredible feats in his career as a Robotics Engineer. He is a true inspiration to young people all over the world, and his story is proof that with hard work, dedication, and passion, anything is possible. We can all learn from his example and strive for excellence in our own lives, whatever our chosen field may be.

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