The Content Creator’s Toolkit: (digital tools for content creation)

The Content Creator’s Toolkit: (digital tools for content creation)

Brands; small business and large corporations, understand that Social Media is fast becoming an avenue for making sales, building communities, and maintaining contact with new and existing customers. A way that this is achieved is through Content Creation. 

In simple terms, Content (for media) is any idea, or information, portrayed in a textual, audio, or video format. While Content Creation is the production of said content for specific audiences, particularly in digitalized contexts.

The Content Creation sphere, which is niched in the publishing and communications industry, is presently worth 44 billion dollars, and is estimated to grow in the coming years. More and more people of all ages are joining the different social media platforms daily, and you can too. 

Fortunately, there are a plethora of digital tools, including AI powered, that make Content Creation seamless, and effective. 

  • PINTEREST: This is perfect for sourcing for content ideas, in almost any niche. Also helps in building aesthetics for visual boards. It is free, and accessible for both Android and IOS devices.
  • UNSPLASH: searching for high resolution images with hardly any watermarks? Unsplash is the tool for you. From UGC (user generated content), to street photography, to food & drink, this tool offers a wide range of images in almost every niche for social media, graphics, newsletters, etc. It is completely free and accessible on the web.
  • CANVA: a mobile, web, and desktop tool for graphics design, and video editing. It is so easy to maneuver that even an amateur can design a logo, or banner using its extensive features. It can be used for textual content like resumes, powerpoint slides, etc. It also has a pro version containing high end templates.
  • CAPCUT & INSHOT: these two apps are in the same category of most used for video editing & creation. While some creators stick to InShot, some others swear by CapCut. Whichever one you choose, they both offer a variety of user friendly features. They’re both available on mobile, and have unlimited free, as well as paid versions.
  • LIGHTROOM: If you’ve ever seen pictures on platforms like Instagram looking crisp and clear, this app is probably responsible. Even if you’re an beginner with little to no background in photo editing, this tool proffers presets, and tutorials on how to make your photo look like it was shot on an HD camera. It also provides the option of creating your own preset from scratch. Lightroom is available on both mobile and desktop, and offers a free, as well as paid version.
  • ANSWERTHEPUBLIC: This is a search listening tool that provides questions related to any key phrase inserted in the query box, giving creators ideas about what is most searched for in a given niche. It supplies creators with content ideas, and insights on what kind of content the audiences would appreciate. This tool offers a limited free version, and is accessible on the web.
  • GRAMMARLY: used mostly by content writers and copywriters, Grammarly is an AI powered tool that aids writing. Its features include spell checks, suggestions on clarity, tone, style and vocabulary, plagiarism detection, etcetera. It is available on both desktop and mobile, with a free and paid version.
  • BUFFER: this tool is great for scheduling content across multiple social media platforms. It also offers the options of analytics and audience engagements. There’s the free and paid version, accessible on both mobile and desktop.
  • REMOVE.BG: this is a seamless background remover site that’s accessible on the web. With just one click, the background vanishes. It also offers the option of background changes. This is useful in graphics design.

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