Dwayne Johnson: Wrestler to Multitalented actor

Dwayne Johnson: Wrestler to Multitalented actor

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock has evolved so much in the Hollywood industry. From being a wrestler in the nineties to rocking the 2010’s with his different appearances with distinguishable characters, he is seen to be one of the most successful actors.
To make his characters distinguishable it takes intense practice. You don’t watch a movie and think he is acting the same way. He is different in every one of them.

One thing that could be noted in him was determination. There are some actors that cannot act all genre of movies but he does. The rate at which he got ranked as the top was shocking and his diligence is highly spoken about.
A lot could be learnt from him and also implement into our careers.

He is skilled in Action, Comedy, drama and voice over for animations especially in Moana (if you haven’t seen it, whatcha waiting for, it’s worth the watch).

He is also an inspiration to many by sharing his fitness secrets and journey through Instagram plus he has a weight loss fitness show. Isn’t that amazing?

Dwayne is also a family man, his social media shows that and he recently had his third daughter. How nice!!!

Three lessons to be learnt from Dwayne, Determination, Hard work and Diligence.
For Success in what we do, these 3 are very important to propel us into what we are heading to.
He is an inspiration to many and we should thrive to be inspiring to people around us. You don’t have to be an actor to be inspiring. Start from where you are.

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