What’s in the Black Box?

What’s in the Black Box?

“To be at peace with yourself, you must engage in what you love doing”

Some of us may be familiar with this phrase (the black box) known to all avid readers of Jim Collins’ ‘Good to Great’. In his book, he affirmed that inside the black box is yet another black box – namely the inner development of a person to Level 5 Leadership. The Level 5 leader is one that builds enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will. But I do not intend to talk about Jim Collins and Leadership, I am only challenging us all that inside us (may be in the inner black box) is that inherent ability to build enduring greatness, to change our own destiny, to move the unmovable, to step out of the usual and to be the person we are created to be.

I believe, in my not-so-much-years of living on this planet, getting to that point would begin through a process of self awareness, looking inside and discovering something that you are able to live and die for. Something YOU, something you love and would make you be at peace with yourself.

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