Ever since becoming the first runner up of the 2017 Big Brother TV show, Bisola has accelerated from one level to another in Nollywood, her musical career and comedy skits.

However, she didn’t just start featuring in the entertainment after Big Brother but it had always been her passion years before that. Though we didn’t see her character and personality before the TV show but her talent was so much seen when it was on air. What then is her secret to becoming so successful?

Bisola was persistent and hardworking which is no surprise as to why she grew to where she is now. During a game and task, she tried and if she failed, she kept going and tried harder the next time. This could be seen through her numerous movies and songs she did just before Big Brother and now she is even bigger and better.

Sugar Rush was a recent release by Nollywood in which she was featured as one of the main actresses and her effort was reflected. By the way, Sugar Rush was a hit nationwide.

Big Brother didn’t make her a successful actress, the world just got to see how talented she is through the lens of the show. Bisola’s success was built on persistence, hardwork and networking. She kept building even when there was little and with this energy, in years to come, she’ll be much more successful.

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