Welcome to the spotlight entrepreneur. Today, our spotlight entrepreneur is OLUWAKEMI AKUNNUBI and she has carved a niche for herself in helping individuals chart a course in their career and life journey. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in your business. (Your career when you launched your business, your sector, business focus and names)

Oluwakemi Akinnubi is Certified Human Resource Professional, a Career Coach, Author, speaker, and an influencer. I am dynamic young woman with 14years cognate experience in Human Resources. A graduate of History from the prestigious University of Ibadan and a master’s degree holder in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the University of Lagos, A member of CPHR Canada and SHRM U.S.A. I have carved a niche for myself in helping individuals chart a course in their career and life journey.

I am the convener of Hr Springboard a platform assist individual to establish professional goals, create a plan, and overcome obstacles that may be on their path to achieving success in any chosen field. I am a Trail blazer, a Self-starter, very confident, analytical. I love to meet people, exchange cultural values, and leave a positive impression.

  • What led you into this sector as a career Coach?

First, my passion gave me away. I love to see people excel in their desired profession was one of the driving forces. Secondly, I saw a huge gap in people aligning their skills to their passion. So the idea of Hr Springboard is to help individuals chart a course in the career and life journey, to help them establish professional goals, create a plan, and overcome obstacles that may be on their path to achieving success in any chosen field. This entails career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career development plan and dealing with other career – related issues.

My bumper sticker (My Slogan)
“You count”
“You can excel”
“You are welcome”

  • Entrepreneurship could be hard, what has been the highlight (victories and challenges) of your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Oh yes very challenging, it is hard but hard work is the wheel behind any success. Also, keep learning everyday because everyone has huge capabilities lurked up in them and we must harness all we need to be successful. A lot of people find it hard to invest in areas like coaching and counselling but over time referrals have been a huge one for us.

Also, there is no one cap that fits all in counselling and Career choices so you must deal with individuals differently. Lot of people sometimes feel you should keep offering free services like you use to do in the past, but I have left that stage a long time ago.
My victories are numerous and my session as also therapeutic for me personally which is my major achievement being a career coach. My mandate is that clients are happy and are not left the same way. I do periodic check up on all my clients to see how they are progressing, and still step in to assist them.

  • What is it like working in your industry?

The HR is a dynamic one but still stable. New trends keep coming and we must keep staying abreast of it. I love my industry and it is a fulfilling one because you are helping people solve issues generally.

  • What are some of the big goals you hope to achieve in the next 5 years?

I want to own my own Career Coaching Academy and I have 2 more books to write on Career. I also want to have a rehabilitation center to help reinstate people who have off the radii back to their normal life. There are so many ideas in the pipeline, but this readily comes to mind.

  • How are you staying ahead despite covid19 and what lesson or what advice would you give to anyone who wants to break into your industry?

The effect of COVID 19 has been a humbling experience and some things might never return to its initial stage. So, I urge everyone to maximize this season to self-develop themselves in areas that matter. The Covid19 era is one that will forever be remembered.
Breaking into my industry is an easy one. Human Resources is very broad so you must know where you fit in and maximize the niche you have carved for yourself. Hr Analytics is one area that I will encourage newbies to dive into. From doing digital to being digital. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and cognitive solutions grow in sophistication, Human resources professional must ensure we align the organizations objectives with the ways we carry out our responsibilities.

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