Welcome to the Spotlight entrepreneur and our entrepreneur for the day is Zuwaira Ikharo Shuaib

She is the Founder and Creative Director at Amal Botanicals Natural Baby Care Company. 

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in your business.

Zuwaira Ikharo Shuaib, a Chartered Accountant & an Alumni of London Business School. 
I hold a Diploma in Natural Cosmetic Formulation with special focus on babies & children. 
I am the Founder and Creative Director at Amal Botanicals Natural Baby Care Company. 

Amal Botanicals, a leading Natural Baby Care brand that caters specifically to newborns and children of all ages. 

  • What led you into this sector as a career ?

My premature triplets inspired me to go in to the Natural Baby care industry.The passion started after they were born and needed only natural babycare products to use for them.

  • Enterpreneurship could be hard, what has been the highlight (victories and challenges) of your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Amal Botanicals Store opening at Ikoyi, our first flagship store.

The journey to getting our products certified by NAFDAC wasn’t an easy one, but we are grateful for the successful certification of our products by NAFDAC.

  • What is it like working in your industry?

Working in our industry its interesting and also challenging. We encounter different challenges on a daily basis but what keeps us going is the vision we have for Amal Botanicals.

  • How are you staying ahead in spite of covid19 and and what lessons or what advice would you give to anyone who wants to break into your industry?

What’s keeping us ahead inspire is COVID 19 is the love we have for providing healthy skin solutions for babies and children of all ages. 

My triplets inspire me on this on a daily basis and I hope for same for every mother, because a healthy baby is a happy 😊 baby.

Advice for anyone breaking through to same industry is to know their craft and continue to horn on their skills. It will certainly pay off eventually. 

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Thank you ma.

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