5 Tips For Thriving In ANY Work Environment

5 Tips For Thriving In ANY Work Environment

Work Environments differ; from physical offices to remote and hybrid positions. But they all involve interaction with other people, and the expenditure of effort. The average time spent in a work environment is estimated to be about 40 hours a week, and these tips are sure to open your mind to known, and unknown ways to make the most of the time.

Learn People Skills

Although there are elements that are peculiar to certain environments, e.g culture, a major constant is people. 

Cambridge Dictionary explains People Skills as the ability to communicate with people in a friendly way and therefore deal with them effectively, especially in business. It is essential to learn (yes, it can be learnt) how to relate with different individuals.

In any Work Environment, one can find people of different backgrounds, races, and nuances. Understanding on a general scale how humans behave will help you deal with just about any one. But observing and understanding how your co-workers behave will make you everyone’s favorite work buddy.

Be intentional when interacting with your co-workers. Take the time to ask (respectfully) about their weekend, family, religious or social associations. 

Get Integrated In Office Matters

The ‘integration’ in this case is a personal move. And is best applied in a physical work environment.

It is a process that requires you to intentionally get involved in the occasional after-hours hangout, chit-chat, birthday greetings, exchange of gifts on special occasions, etc. Shutting everyone out for 12 hours every work day because ‘you want to avoid the office drama’, could hurt you in the end. If there’s something worth knowing, you might be the last to know. 

This may be a bit difficult for you if you’re an introvert, but it plays a huge part in portraying you as a team player. 

Use Affirmations

A cheerful attitude is often seen as a reaction to an action and not the other way round. But maintaining a stable, positive mindset, and keeping a smile on your face motivates people around you. There’s no reason work time can’t be enjoyable, even when your co-workers or boss are giving you a hard time. 

Before stepping out of your house, or maybe during the drive to work (or before plugging in your workstation in a remote situation), take the time to affirm to yourself words that’ll build your confidence. Research has shown that the start of your day affects your mood or output throughout the day. No one wants to work with a grumpy person in any work environment.

Showcase Your Skills

If you’re adept at a particular thing, a task, or the use of a software or equipment, be bold enough to let it show. You most likely will not learn, and attain a leadership position if you allow fear to win.  

Let your employer, co-workers know (not in a condescending way) that you’re the best guy for xyz. This is a necessary step for growth, both in skills and in career. 

What’s more, you would quickly become indispensable. 

Go the extra mile by doing what most would run away from, but be careful not to take on more than you can handle. You do not want to be seen as unreliable.

Understand The Culture

Research finds that there are over 10 types of Workplace Culture.  The culture of every work environment is, in most cases, made clear to every employee from orientation. Be attentive and observant. Learn and imbibe the culture at play in your office. 

The popular statement “when in Rome” should be a mantra as you resume each day. Learn the chain of command, how your superiors and colleagues, prefer to be addressed, how innovations and efforts are received and rewarded, etc. There will be little to no friction when you’ve mastered your office culture.


A wise saying goes thus: “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. 

The above tips are to aid in better productivity at your job, but the onus lies majorly on you. Build skills around your passion. Be open to learning. And see yourself grow.

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