Wedding Checklist; from the desk of a wedding lover.

Wedding Checklist; from the desk of a wedding lover.

It’s engagement season! 

Every time you come on the internet, someone is kneeling down, and someone else is crying amidst screams of “say yes!” from friends and loved ones. We’re here for it.

We love to see the big smiles, and dare I say, teeny tiny tears in the eyes of both the gentleman and lady. These videos and pictures put smiles on all our faces.

With all the love in the air (even past valentine’s), we’ve put together a checklist to get you going on your nuptial planning journey. 

Yes, you summoned the courage to ask. 

And your partner agreed. 

Yes, your friends and family approve. 

And you’ve now secured a wedding planner. 

This is all great. But aside from venue, rings, and outfits, there are a few other important things you may not have put into consideration, as you get ready to say “I do”. 

This article will bring to light those things you may consider inconsequential, that could result in unwanted drama on your big day.

Guest Seating Arrangement

You may not know every aunt or uncle from both your families, but you wouldn’t want to seat people who are loggerheads next to each other. Even though they share a last name, chances are arguments may erupt from the mildest of things. And you’ll agree that public-settlement-of-age-long-disputes is not a great wedding aesthetic. 

The best way to go about this is to ask questions. Ask your parents about that aunt and this cousin. Inquire about how well they get along. Find out who gets along with who.

It’s safer to seat family members who haven’t seen each other in a while, together. From your end, you would see high fives, hugs, and laughter from shared jokes. This is sure to put everyone in a great mood.

Additionally, insist that your wedding planner, or wedding committee ensures that everyone seats at their designated spots.

Caterer Competence

I can’t stress this enough; just because someone recommended a caterer to you (family member or commercial vendor) with high praise, does not mean the food would be a 5-star rating. 

Believe it or not, I’ve come to know that one of the top reasons people attend weddings is for the food. After the wedding, everyone should still be raving about the food. 

Wondering how to hack this? Ask for a taste pack.

 Request for taste packs of all the meals that would be served at your event. They should be sent to you or your partner, before the big day.

Master of Ceremonies or Comedian

After the couple and the family, the next important person on your special day is the Master of Ceremonies. 

It really isn’t important if they’re famous or not. The focus should be on their ability to understand your vision, and capability in bringing it to life. 

Do you want a ‘black tie’, or formal wedding reception?

Maybe your vision is to put the audience in a ‘laugh and forget your sorrow’ mood.

You could want a blend of both. The best person to perform this miracle is the event anchor or compere. 

In order to avoid cringing every time you watch your wedding video, because of how unexpectedly the compere handled the occasion, do well to have a sit-down with one or more persons, for interviews and preparation. “Yes, he handled my wedding”, or, “weren’t you at my cousin’s wedding? She did a good job” would not suffice. 

Music Jamboree

Okay. Before you say “I already made arrangements for this”, let me share a story with you.

I once attended a wedding reception where the couple looked uncomfortable because the DJ kept playing songs they didn’t agree with. I wondered why they didn’t march up to the DJ and insist on their choice. It was later learned that the parents had chosen the playlist.

Although there have been occasions where the DJ or Band goes rogue even after being told what to do, those cases are very few. You and your partner can send your preferred playlist, or even explain your music mood/theme to the Band. Then from song to song, there wouldn’t be a single down moment at the ceremony. Need I add that it is of little consequence if your family or guests agree with your choice of genre? 

Truly, It can not be overemphasized how important the day is, but the most important thing is to have fun!

Ps, if there are things you think should be added, kindly leave a comment. It could help the next bride and groom.

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