Time Management Tips For Enterpreneurs 1

Time Management Tips For Enterpreneurs 1

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money” over and over, which is very apt especially in the life of an entrepreneur. Entreprenuers need to have time management, it is very crucial in the outcome of their production and also the quality. Today, we’ll start with a two-part series on time management tips for entrepreneurs.
The list is not limited, these are just a few tips.

1)simplify the difficult and important tasks: Difficult tasks should be broken down to simpler tasks, this helps one to have a clearer mind and not be overwhelmed by the difficulty. It also helps one work faster and better

2) put the most important tasks first: The unimportant tasks should be the last on your list, Time maximization can be obtained through that, knowing that you’ve handled the necessary.

3) have time to rest: Resting plays a major role in our brain activity. When we’re tired, we respond slowly, we act slowly plus production is slow. A 15 minutes nap wouldn’t hurt, it makes you act faster and better. Add resting or nap to your to-do list, it won’t hurt.

4) Don’t plan all of your tasks for one day: You don’t have to complete all of your tasks in one day, that’s why you put the important ones first. Having to do all in one day can be overwhelming and can lead to stress and tiredness. Except your task load isn’t much, don’t try to squeeze everything in one day.

5) Start with the simplest task: starting with simplest and important task, gives you a better drive to cross out the other tasks on your list. It is a booster, compared to tackling very difficult ones all at ones, taking us back to point 1 which talks about simplifying the difficult tasks.

We hope you learn from these few tips for time management. Stay tuned for the second part of the series.

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