Social distancing has made a lot of us have to take work from the office to the home, to ensure safety for ourselves and our loved ones.
However, working from home has its challenges and we might not achieve as much as we should because of the comfort.
How then can we be productive while working from home?
The best way is to act like you’re going to work and at work.
The steps you can take are:

1) Pick out your work clothes from the day before or in the morning. Doesn’t have to be extravagant but not in your PJs or lounge wear.

2) Have a morning routine and a to-do list laid out for the next day. .

3) Shower and dress for “work”. .

4) Follow your to-do list

5) Have a work spot at home, it’ll help with the focus.

6) Have periods of rest, eat well, you’re at home and you deserve to just chill.

7) Control your phone usage time, try as much as possible to focus on the needful if your phone is needed for work. .

8) Take a break for the night and repeat.
This is all dependent on the workload one has and other factors that could influence the productivity of the individual. Also, know what works for you to ensure this period is maximized.

Have a productive and equally restful isolation period.

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