Welcome to the spotlight entrepreneur. Our spotlight entrepreneur for today is MADAME MODISH, the Style Consultant at Fierce & Modish Ltd, she shares insight into her journey as an entrepreneur.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in your business. 

I am the Style Consultant at Fierce & Modish Ltd, a Personal Brand Publicity & Image Management company, birthed in year 2013. I am a Mass Communications graduate of Covenant University Ota with a Masters Degree in Corporate Communications & Public Affairs from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. I am also an Associate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) and have a Diploma in Media Presentation & Production from the London Academy of Radio, Film & TV. I have worked with multiple global fashion brands and create timeless and artistic brand identities for Celebrities, Corporate, Lifestyle, Fashion, Film and Television industries, through strategic campaigns, a peculiar essence and raw art, in Nigeria.
I seek to change the narrative in the creative space by re-emphasizing the power of styling, its professionalism and role in communications, and for any brands looking to etch her legacy on the hearts of its publics, whilst surviving a fierce competition and dynamic business environment.

What led you into this sector as a career ?

Passion. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and style. Turning it into a business was a no – brainer because only the professionals in an industry can shape up things in it. If you wish for a change; be the change because true change starts with you.

What has been the highlight of your entrepreneurial journey so far?

I don’t think anything good comes easy, you have to put in the work. Each milestone in my career has required determination, consistency and resilience so I won’t suggest any different for anyone who intends to embark on such a journey. Writing my book is a victory especially in these times, I am truly ecstatic at the journey of being an Author.

What is it like working in your industry?

The fashion industry is a very dynamic one and that is one of the reasons i constantly fall in love with it. The professionals have to keep up, so it continually keeps you on your toes. In this part of the world, it is even more important to be intentional because quite a number of people still don’t understand the relevance of looking good so you have to keep sensitizing and creating awareness to ensure that a better fashion community, evolves.

You recently launched a Style Book – Modish Maxims, would you like to tell us more about this?

Sure! Modish Maxims is a Style Bible, written to give readers a clear and simple understanding of how to build a basic, essential and advanced wardrobe (based on personality and preference), with the long term aim to achieve a tasteful and consistent personal style. It is a timely publication which gears towards decentralizing the knowledge of styling whilst giving readers’ the power to be stylish and establish the foundation they need to develop and hone a functional, memorable, aspirational and unique Personal Brand.

Modish Maxims is birthed out of my initiative to put the Basic, Essential and Advanced knowledge of my craft (Fashion Styling), which is a substantial part of creating a viable personal and corporate brand, into writing.

The book simplifies the tools you need to create a larger than life persona, tell rich and aesthetically pleasing stories and advertise products, through a strategic and endearing appearance. It boasts of over a hundred illustrated images to aid easy understanding of the multiple stages of fashion and style, delivers a reputable directory of Nigerian Designers & Retailers to patronize for male & female fashion (clothing & accessories) and 50 maxims, to live a fierce fashion & style journey by. 

The first Fashion & Style book in Nigeria is a thorough and good read which truly empowers every reader.

As a style expert, what suggestions would you give anyone who wants to take their personal style to the next level? 

Get a copy of the first fashion and style book in Nigeria, #ModishMaxims : A Set of Style Rules. This Style Bible helps you discover, develop and hone a functional and unique personal style that works for you.

Where can we get the book? 

You can get a copy of #ModishMaxims : A Set of Style Rules in E-book on Kindle and Okada Books, in Paperback outside Nigeria on Amazon and in Hardback within Nigeria, on Paystack and directly from the author @madamemodish

How are you staying ahead inspite of covid19 and what lessons or what advice would you give to anyone who wants to break into your industry?

I did an instagram live session about this during the lockdown. The pandemic has brought a long and uncomfortable pause / limit to the possibilities and execution of creative jobs centered around person’s gathering so it is time to de-centralize your knowledge and expertise from being peculiar to your presence alone, to one that is accessible with or without you physically being available. The end of an era often ushers in a new one, it is time to launch new approaches to an existing function, embrace technology and become a world class brand. Enough of being local and subdued, the world is now, truly for the taking.

You can learn more about Madame Modish and her work on Instagram (@madamemodish @fierceandmodish @themenswearstylist) or reach her directly by email.

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