Al Pacino’s transformation into Phil Spector: Lessons for Nollywood

Al Pacino’s transformation into Phil Spector: Lessons for Nollywood

You almost wouldn’t know the difference between Al Pacino, left,  and Phil Spector (a one time movie producer serving a 19 years to life jail term for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson).

AlPacino - left, Spector - Right

Al Pacino (Left) & Phil Spector (Right), Aug 2011

Late last year, it was announced that Al Pacino will take on the role of Phil Sector in HBO biopic movie – read more here.

Al Pacino & Spector as seen on ABC, July 7th 2011

Although the movie air date is not set yet, Al Pacino is already doing a pretty good Phil Sector.  To this, Courtney Hazzlet, says “If the quality of the film relies heavily on Pacino’s ability to transform into Spector,  it has a good chance of doing well. “

Bringing it Home: Nollywood producers, actors and actresses need to learn from this: to play a role well, you have to be able to bring the role to life in all spheres – character, appearance, behavior, in talking, in reacting, in thinking and so on.  This requires immersing yourself in the role wholly by becoming the character you are playing. Doing that involves a lot more from majority of Nigerian actors, actresses and movie producers than they are currently giving.

Really to act well, you can’t just be yourself, you need to become the character you are playing.

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