IWAJU- The Future Is Here

IWAJU- The Future Is Here

When Toluwalakin Olowofoyeku, Oluwafikayo Ziki Adeola, and Hamid Ibrahim got together and founded Kugali, an entertainment company, in 2017, little did they know that their first full fledged movie project, in partnership with Walt Disney, would win over the hearts Sci-fi, Futuristic movie lovers, all over the world. 

Iwájú, a Yoruba term for ‘Forward’ or ‘Front’ is an animated 6-part series, set in vibrant, futuristic Lagos, that tells the story of two Nigerian friends, Tola (Simisola Gbadamosi) and Kole (Siji Soetan), on a journey, while embracing the technological innovations of that age. 

Though the story may seem far-fetched (it is after all, set in the future), the writers’ use of relatable slangs and portrayal of the regular Lagosian lifestyle, provides a cure for the homesickness many viewers in diaspora may be dealing with. 

The attention of international audiences is at a stand still, as this is the first time a Pan-African entertainment company in partnership with Walt Disney studios is bringing a local story to life. 

This feat that started as a “prophecy”, made by Kugali co-founders, and creators of Iwájú, in an interview with BBC in 2019, where they shared their dream to make an animation that Disney studios would not be able to resist partnering in, has now blossomed into a wake-up call for foreign major entertainment companies, on the untapped creative resources in Africa. 

In the words of Nollywood actor, Femi Branch, who voices Bode, “It’s a groundbreaking thing for our industry, Nollywood, for African filmmakers, for African animators.”

Truly, Iwájú, as the name implies, or also put “Ojo Iwájú” which is “Future” in the Yoruba language, represents a tenable step in the right direction for movie creators, and lovers alike in Africa. The movie is expected to prove the notion that Nigeria, and Africa at large, is a forward-thinking state. 

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