Who loves to dance and also be fit in the process? I do!! Dancing is one of the best ways to stay fit and have an active lifestyle. Today our entrepreneur is a Dance fitness expert and dance choreographer. She is Tamara Ajasa and she shares her journey as an entrepreneur.

Tamara Ajasa is a Dance Fitness Expert and a Dance Choreographer. She is a certified Pre-Natal and Post-Natal fitness specialist and the Creative Lead at DanceMusicologyConcepts, a company focused on Dance, Fitness and Wholeness for women.

Tamara and creativity are synonyms as she has written, acted and directed a number of stage plays.

She is a content creator, a self – taught Davinci Resolve Editor who shoots and edits most of her materials herself. Tamara has also co-produced a reality weight-loss show currently in post-production. For several years, Tamara was the ballet teacher of choice at one of the most prestigious primary schools in Nigeria. Dance features prominently in most of her creative projects and it is no surprise that she was part of the first set of certified Zumba Instructors trained in Nigeria.

Tamara recently re-tooled her business DanceMusicologyConcepts and has currently set her sights on ensuring women embrace wholesome living choices and healthy daily habits.

She currently runs routine ONLINE weight-loss/fitness services to help women achieve their body transformation goals in a sustainable manner.

She also uses her page to advocate for wholesome living for women and mothers. Tamara has an exercise EP out on Spotify, Youtube Music and other music platforms in aid of DMC’s weight loss services.

DMC also offers choreography services for music videos, product launches, stage plays and other functions.

As an entrepreneur for the past nine years, I have faced a number of challenges while trying to grow my business. Some of them include;

  • Talent development: In my field, finding employable talent has been a huge challenge. I have come across dancers and fitness enthusiasts who see no need to be professionally trained or certified. On another hand, I have had staff leave after I have taken them through training. This often leaves me to do most of the work myself and I make do with just contract staff.
  • Value appreciation: There are no set fees for creative work and value for my work has sometimes been depreciated. A client requests my services to choreograph a routine for a social event or fitness event and when I give my bill, you hear comments like, “Is it not only 10minutes dance?” “Why should you charge for choreography?”

My advice to entrepreneurs would be;

  1. Be ready to PERSIST. Perseverance and consistency is the only way you can sustain a business in this life. Great brands are what they are because someone somewhere did not give up. Stay focused and diligently push till you hit your goals.
  2. Find your niche and hone it. Do not try to be jack of all trades. If you have several vocations and passions, choose one first – work hard to set yourself apart in that field then you may diversify later.
  3. Evolve with times. Change is the only thing that is constant. What you start out with may need tweaking from time to time. Keep your eyes open to moving trends and find ways to make your business adapt. This would constantly put you at the forefront of your industry.
  4. Embrace technology! This is very vital in this new decade. Have an online presence on as many social platforms possible. Make use of the internet as a marketing tool. Find new ways to give your customers/clients a stress-free experience.

In all, always remember that times and seasons are predetermining factors to an entrepreneur’s success. While you put in every effort to be the best, do not be discouraged by stumbling blocks and mountains you would face. See every phase of your journey as a learning process. When it is the set time, you would be great and you would reap the rewards of all the years of diligence that you have planted. Be of good cheer.

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